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Support for visionaries with unique ideas

We support innovation on the road to success.

Impera Alfa Alternative Investment Company is a venture capital fund managed by three partners who are investing in R&D projects with the support of the National Centre for Research and Development under the BRIdge Alfa programme.

We invest in development

And in the Polish element

The companies in which we invest must meet the criterion of a young and innovative entrepreneur, i.e. devote a certain proportion of their budget to research and development, and have the so-called Polish Element, i.e. in particular conduct the main part of their R&D work in Poland.


No-code platform for enterprise software

An innovative solution that enables companies to create applications without traditional programming.

Biotechnology natural preservatives for the dairy industry

A new standard in functional dairy products.

NOXO Energy

Network of electric vehicle charging stations

NOXO is one of the oldest and also one of the fastest-growing networks of electric vehicle charging stations in Poland. Wherever there is a NOXO station, it's definitely worth the trip.