First fully ecological coffee brewing system

The project involves creating an espresso machine that will reduce the amount of waste (capsules), increase the level of beverage customization by adding more brewing parameters, and offer greater convenience through remote control via an app. Additionally, the coffee will be sold through the app in a subscription model, which also increases value for the end customer.

The main goal of this solution is to achieve less waste, greater coffee personalization, and convenience in brewing coffee through an app. This solution is intended for end users and will be offered in a subscription service model.

The AYA Coffee device eliminates the need for capsules, providing a similar level of functionality and size as capsule machines. While aluminum capsules are somewhat recyclable, plastic capsules are multi-layered, multi-material packaging that is practically impossible to recycle. They are non-degradable waste accumulating in landfills. Unfortunately, even aluminum capsules pose a recycling challenge—they can only be recycled at specialized facilities, which receive just 5% of the capsules produced.


IoT/hardware in coffee industry

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